Megan Miller

I'm a


Fullstack Web Developer

I've been coding since 2012. I've always had a passion for learning new things, and code was something that I immediately grew to love because it's a field that never stops growing. I attended and completed Lambda School as a stepping stone to achieve my dream of becoming a Fullstack Web Developer. During my time at Lambda I gained experience in working with a wide range of technology including but not limited to JavaScript, React, Redux, Node/Express, Python, Flask, Django, GraphQL, HTML & CSS, CSS Preprocessors, Jest, and React Testing Library.


Responsive Web Design

Experience in creating responsive websites and apps using HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS and CSS libraries.


Experience in using JavaScript to render dynamic content and create a interactive user experience.


Use of React and Redux to create rich client side applications, handle client side routing and complex state management.


Use of NodeJS and Express to create custom API's with full CRUD functionality, manage back end workflow and server client facing apps.


Experience using Python for creating APIs via Django and Flask. Also experience in creating custom solutions to complex problems with Python.


Design and create database relational models to house app data with full CRUD functionality.


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